Homelessness on the Rise in Nashville Means CCF Needs Your Support

You may have missed it, in the holiday hustle and bustle. Less than two weeks before Christmas though, it was announced that the homeless rate in Nashville jumped 10 percent in 2016. This spike comes on the heels of a 5 percent increase in 2015.

Nashville’s 10 percent increase was the sixth-largest leap among major U.S. cities. A closer look at the data reveals that 40 percent of the homeless people in Nashville are classified as chronically homeless — which is defined as lacking shelter while also having repeated medical issues, mental illness, substance abuse disorders or remaining homeless for long stretches.

That number — 40 percent — was the highest of any city in the country.

It’s a number that’s reflected in the faces we see and the people we serve every day. Nashville’s location at the intersection of three interstates means we host our fair share of folks “just passing through” for a short period of time. But we also have our regulars. Individuals who have been coming through our door for months or years; those for whom CCF’s services are a lifeline.

And their numbers are increasing.

Nashville is booming; one look at our city skyline, dotted with construction cranes, could tell you that. A new restaurant seems to pop up every couple of days, and everywhere you turn there’s a sleek new condo or apartment building going in.

There’s a challenge that lies buried in all that prosperity though. How do we ensure that Nashville’s success raises the stature of everyone in our city? What happens when rising housing costs means even the working class can no longer afford to live inside the city limits — never mind those on government stipends, disability or otherwise struggling to make ends meet.

There’s a need in Nashville right now to stand in the gap. To serve as a bridge between our brothers and sisters who call the streets their home and the many programs, services and resources that can help. To meet basic needs, including the need to be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of where one lays his head at night.

Community Care Fellowship has always been about serving the needs that need serving.

Won’t you join us?

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