Receiving While You Give

“I began volunteering at Community Care Fellowship (CCF) in 2011 admittedly for selfish reasons,” says Tom McAnally.

Tom McAnallyAfter his retirement from a career in journalism, he was looking to get out of the house and engage with individuals outside his usual circle of friends and acquaintances. Tom and his wife are members of Calvary United Methodist in Green Hills, a congregation that has supported CCF from its early years.

Every Tuesday morning, Tom works the front desk where he welcomes the day’s guests and helps them sign up for the services they need, from showers to laundry to referrals for social services. Today, he knows most of the regular guests by name, and he goes out of his way to make newcomers feel equally welcome.

“Occasionally, when a guest expresses appreciation for my volunteerism, I explain that I receive as well as give from the experience. I thank them,” he says.

“Many of our guests are ignored, overlooked or even abused by those who have the necessities of a comfortable life. The least I can do – or maybe the most – is to look guests in the eye, greet them with a smile and show them the respect they deserve as a child of God.”